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There are all kinds of coaching these days: One-on-one in person coaching,Telephone coaching, Web cam coaching and the new model of coaching called "coaching gym."  the term used the gym metaphor to mirror having a physical work-out program that you follow on your own.  A trainer sets up the program based on your goals and you execute the work-out.

52 Weeks of Coaching is similar.  We set up 52 weeks of exercises that you follow on your own.  You are your own coach! Many of us can bring ourselves along the path to success with just a little guidance.  That's what we are here for ... the guidance.

Once a week, you will receive an email reminding you to get your weekly lesson.  You will link to the page and spend no more than 30 minutes focused on your growth as a speaker.  Each week we will pick a topic in the presentation skills area, define the objective, give you an exercise and then recap how it can improve your presentation skills, polish your performance and get you more business by being better!

If this sounds like a program that could help you, sign up now.  And get this, it costs less than $10.00 per week.  That's right, it's only $495.00 US for the whole year. 

If you are an experienced speaker, you owe it to yourself to focus weekly on your presentation skills.  After all, that's what we do up there on the platform, present our speech.  At 52 Weeks of Coaching, we assume your content is awesome ... we want to help you polish the delivery of that awesome content.   When you are at the top of your game, you will get asked back again and again for repeat business.  You will create more learning and "land" your content in the minds, hearts and souls of the audience.  You will feel more confident and competent and get more spin off business.  You will surely sell more product at the back of the room and change more lives.  Increased impact and being more memorable will come as you improve and let's face it, you'll have more fun!

If you are a beginning speaker, there isn't anywhere to go but up in your presentation skills.  This program of 52 Weeks of Coaching for Speakers is a must.  You'll fast track your ability to polish, be more professional and go from "free" speeches to "fee" speeches in a shorter amount of time. 

So, sign up today and give yourself the gift of a self-coaching program that lets you drive your success to more polished and professional presentations. 

Limelight (noun) – 1. Flashy, currently fashionable, neon green color; 2. Theater reference – lime melted over the scrim of a spotlight for stage to make the light the most bright and illuminated of all spotlights on the stage.


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