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Ten Year Cancer Survivor Tells Her Story

Just prior to her 40th birthday, Marcia found a six pound tumor in her abdomen and was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. During her 18 month treatment and recovery, she kept a journal of her cancer journey. Her stories and life lessons come from first hand experience.

As a ten year cancer survivor, Marcia offers:
  1. Inspirational and Motivational Keynotes (breakfast and lunch)

    Titles include:
    Titanic Solutions for Sinking Situations (handling change)
    Find the Humor in Your Tumor (humorous and poignant stories)
    Help, Hope and Humor for Those with Cancer
    Help & Hope for Those Who Love Someone with Cancer

  2. 52 Weeks of Coaching for those on the Cancer journey (this is a weekly, inspirational, self-coaching model)

  3. Set of two CD's filled with hopeful stories

  4. She can serve as a spokesperson for the media for cancer hospitals and organizations

  5. Writes articles for e-newsletters, newsletters and web sites
You will be inspired and uplifted as you listen to her inspirational, motivational and personal stories from the CD "Help & Hope for Those with Cancer." Cancer stories include:

The Fastest Shower in the West
Look Good, Feel Better
Flipping Your Wig
Wobbly Legs
What I Lost & What I Gained - Poem

Her stories for those who love someone with cancer come from medical and non-medical caregivers, especially family members. She is brilliant at helping you understand how you can help your loved one go through a cancer experience, and how you can help yourself, too.

For Care Givers, "Help & Hope for Those Who Love Someone with Cancer" her stories include:

Food, Glorious Food
Mail Call
Are you Having Fun Yet?
The Million Miracle Cures
Prayer Rocks

If you, or someone you know, is going through a cancer challenge right now, you owe it to yourself to check out these CD's ... they are an audio dose of chicken soup.

Limelight (noun) – 1. Flashy, currently fashionable, neon green color; 2. Theater reference – lime melted over the scrim of a spotlight for stage to make the light the most bright and illuminated of all spotlights on the stage.


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