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If you're a business owner, consultant,
or other professional whose success and income
depend on your ability to communicate effectively...
If you're an introvert who wants a better business or
improved relationships...
or anyone else who wants to improve your
communications skills for any other reason...
I can help.

Even if you hate public speaking or aren't a 'natural-born talker,'
I can help you achieve a higher level of happiness and success in your business, career, and relationships. Keep reading to find out how...

Dear Friend, If you've wondered how your happiness, income
and success could increase if you were a better communicator, you've come to the right place.

Before I go any further, you may be asking the question: Who is Marcia McGilley, and why should I listen to her? I've helped start over 1,000 small businesses (maybe like yours), and consulted organizations such as the American Cancer Society, General Mills, Hyatt Hotel Corporation, Viacom International, and Vail Merchants Association.

I've also been a stage actor in plays, infomercials and 'improv' comedy shows. Improv is short for 'improvisational.' That's a fancy word which means thinking on your feet. No scripts or lines to memorize, you just say whatever pops into your head in a given situation. Improv was great training for real-life situations in business and consulting. I know how valuable it is as one of your communication skills.

If you think giving a business talk or speech is difficult, try getting on stage before a paying crowd! The audience will let you know if you're knocking their socks off... giving a so-so performance... or they think you're terrible! I'm not telling you this to brag, just to prove that I've 'walked my talk.' I've had my share of applause and encores from stage plays and TV informercials.

Now I want to help others - like you - experience an increased level of success, and be able to shine in the limelight! Now It's Your Turn to Shine! Your audiences may or may not be as demanding as mine were, but they're critical in your life. They are: your boss, co-workers, and employees you manage (not to mention family, friends and significant other).

Their 'reviews' of you, and how well you communicate and connect with them, will to a large part determine the levels of income and happiness in your life. You probably know that just being good at what you do and working hard don't always translate to increased success. There's one common denominator among folks that get to the top in leadership positions in any company or organization... The ability to communicate effectively!

This crucial ability has enhanced my life both personally and professionally. And I've learned the secrets (through an actor's eyes) that lead to effective communication. These verbal and non-verbal secrets that Hollywood actors know are the difference between an average, 'ho-hum' presentation... and a captivating, Oscar-winning performance! You may never appear in TV or the movies, but your life is not a dress rehearsal. This is LIVE. You can't press rewind or do a 're-take.'

Unless you're a computer genius or inventor, how well you communicate to and relate with others will largely determine your personal and business success. I've talked to intelligent, hard-working folks with poor comunication skills, and it makes me sad. Sad to know that if they could communicate with other people better, they'd have a lot more satisfaction and success in their lives. It's like an invisible prison they live in, that keeps them from having a happier and more satisfying life.

You may already be a decent communicator, and have achieved a good degree of success in your life. What if you could take your 'OK' life, and make it better than ever before? What if you were able to forge stronger and deeper relationships with business associates, family and friends?  Where could it lead? Higher income levels... less personal and business stress in your life... more overall peace of mind.

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I offer one-to-one business and personal coaching and can help you to
improve your communication and presentation skills click here. If you're looking for a speaker to give a memorable, moving presentation for your organization or audience, visit my speaker for hire page. Or, choose more of a do-it-yourself path to discover these secrets of improved communication through one (or more) of my CD's or DVD's.

Start today on your journey to a richer, more rewarding life. Remember, even as you're reading this, the story of your life is LIVE. The cameras are rolling, and there are no re-takes. Take action today to make your life more memorable and enjoyable. I look forward to help YOU shine in the limelight! Best Regards,

Marcia McGilley
Limelight (noun) 1. Flashy, currently fashionable, neon green color; 2. Theater reference lime melted over the scrim of a spotlight for stage to make the light the most bright and illuminated of all spotlights on the stage.


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