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Marcia McGilley is a speaker, trainer, entrepeneur, actor and cancer survivor with a unique blend of skills and life experiences that very few others possess. She's transformed her knowledge to these CDs and DVDs to help you overcome any business challenge or life issue.

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Don't be a Lemon in the Limelight!
Have you ever been asked to give a talk or presentation, but what you said - or how you said it - seemed to 'sour' your audience (like they had a lemon in their mouth)? Even if you dread public speaking or aren't a 'natural-born talker,' this fun and informative DVD will show you how to give a pleasant, pleasing presentation... and how to avoid being a lemon when it's your turn in the limelight!
  Professional Presentations Made Painless
Good communication skills are critical to your success in any job or business. This program will show you the secrets of how to give more effective presentations. If you're serious about growing your business or advancing in your career, owning this three CD set is a must.
Proven Marketing Tips
As an entrepreneur who's owned five companies, Marcia knows that if you don't successfully market a business, you won't be in business for very long. These 4 CDs will show you step-by-step on how to be a master marketer.

  Great Beginnings: Successful Business Start-Ups!
As a business consultant who's helped 'jump start' over 1,000 small businesses over two decades, Marcia understands what it takes to get a start-up business 'off the ground' successfully. She shares her start-up secrets through this 4-CD audio training program, which was recorded live.

The Art of Assertiveness: Negotiate to Win-Win!
Negotiating is a critical skill that you must have to be successful in your job or business. And whether you realize it or not, you probably negotiate something with co-workers, clients or employees almost every day. This 4-CD set will take you step-by-step through the negotiation process, where you'll learn how to be a confident and professional negotiator.

  Titanic Solutions for Sinking Situations
This powerful and practical CD provides specific strategies you can use to deal with the roughest waves you'll come across. Marcia has been through some of life's biggest challenges: Downsizing, an almost-fatal disease, and divorce. It includes an Inspirational Speech and Interview with Marcia about how she overcame the biggest 'icebergs' in her life.
Help and Hope for Those with Cancer
If you're fighting a battle with cancer, this CD will help motivate and encourage you. Marcia has fought a battle with ovarian cancer, and won. Even though you may feel isolated during this troubled time, this audio message will remind you that you're not alone. - Audio CD
  Help and Hope for Those Who Love Someone with Cancer
If you have a friend of family member who's battling cancer, you may not be sure what to do, or how best to support them. As a cancer survivor, Marcia remembers what her struggle was like. This audio CD will tell you what loved ones should know about how to best help someone with cancer during this difficult time.
Limelight (noun) 1. Flashy, currently fashionable, neon green color; 2. Theater reference lime melted over the scrim of a spotlight for stage to make the light the most bright and illuminated of all spotlights on the stage.


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