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Let Speaker Marcia McGilley Entertain, Enlighten and Inspire Your Audience

Marcia is a trained actor with a broad range of practical, real-world experience. She's built businesses, and coached actors and entrepreneurs. And, she presents and coaches with a positive, upbeat style.

Don't be a Lemon in the Limelight!
Regardless of your background or experience in public speaking, this presentation reveals secrets only actors know to help you shine in the limelight.  Whether you are giving an informal talk, a formal speech, a sales presentation or serving as an expert on a panel, this speech will help you be even more effective in presenting your ideas and stories.

Whether you're speaking to 10 or 1000 people, you'll discover the secrets that stage, TV and movie stars use to give great performances, such as:

- How to handle minor nervousness or major stage fright
- How to use body language and gestures effectively
- How to use pacing and pauses to hold an audience's attention in the palm of your hand

And much more!

For personal and business success in today's world, being a good communicator isn't an option - it's a necessity. Even if you aren't a "natural-born talker," that's not a problem. Effective communication is a skill that anyone can improve upon, just like riding a bicycle.

What Makes Marcia and this Keynote Different From Others?
After you and your audience hear Marcia's unique and exciting presentation, you'll look at communication in a totally different light - through the eyes of an actor. You'll discover the same secrets stage, TV and movie stars have used for decades to give captivating, Oscar-winning performances.

You can use these secrets to get the best from your most important role and production ever: You and YOUR LIFE! Higher Levels of Personal and Business Success. A life with more income, status and respect... stronger relationships... and more peace of mind.

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Limelight (noun) – 1. Flashy, currently fashionable, neon green color; 2. Theater reference – lime melted over the scrim of a spotlight for stage to make the light the most bright and illuminated of all spotlights on the stage.


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